SURF on NYEPI DAY at MEDEWI BEACH COTTAGES, There are so many things special in Bali but one of the most special days is Nyepi Day and the days before. Bali is based on tourism but never the less, there is one special day when culture and religion are ruling over all the money business. Even an island full of tourist, Bali still shuts down all electricity, closes the Airport, closes all transportation and roads for celebrates the day of silence. Thousands of surf beaches stay empty. Millions of perfect beach- and reef- breaks are unridden and empty lineups on that one special day. The best beginner surf spots in Bali and also the experts spots like Uluwatu or Padang Padang must be empty on this day. Tourists and locals have to stay at home or in the hotels and nobody is allowed to go out. Many Hotels offer Nyepi special packages, starting from buffets going to extra cinema channels as also TV stations or shut down. Also all the ATMs are closed for 24 hours so there is no money flow on Nyepi day in Bali.

So what to do on Nyepi day ?

We – from Medewi Beach Cottages  have the answer. There is one special village  in Bali its Medewi that is 90% muslim and for that reason doesn’t celebrate Nyepi as hard core as the rest of the island. We don’t drive motorbikes or cars on that day but you can walk down to the beach and also have a surf. Medewi is the only place on Bali where beginners and pros can surf on the island of gods on Nyepi day. So even on the day of no waves and no surf Medewi, west Bali, is the best and only option that make beginner surfers and intermediate surfers, plus pros happy.

So next Nyepi be ready early and book you room with us or WhatsApp or Line : +62.81337536464

This year we were happy to host a Family and do the first surf-lesson of the Mam and the son and as you can see they had a happy day with sharing a perfect wave up here in Medewi. So nothing is impossible at our Cottages you even can learn surfing on Nyepi day !

Escape on Balinese New Year “Nyepi Day” with your friends and families at Medewi Beach Cottages

3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS PACKAGE  Stay Period on March 27-29, 2017

Garden View Room IDR 2.900.000 / Room / Single or Double

Ocean View Room IDR 3.400.000 / Room / Single or Double


Package Includes :

  • 2 Night Accommodation & Daily Breakfast
  • Hotel Transfer

WhatsApp or Line : +62.81337536464